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Photo 0005: Young Woman Wearing A Nice Dress

Photo 0005: Young Woman Wearing A Nice Dress

This Photo is of a young woman wearing a beautiful dress over looking a town.

Things we can tell from the photograph

Looking at the photo it’s hard to gather a great deal of specific information about the location or the young woman. But there are some general things we can tell about the photo.

  • 1. She’s wearing a very nice dress. I figure this means there has to be some kind of special event going on. But what? If it’s a wedding I feel like we’re going to encounter more photos of her in the dress. If it’s something like a dance, this might be the only photo.
  • 2. The terrain is very flat. The land doesn’t lay like Kentucky unless it’s maybe in far western Kentucky.
  • 3. The buildings look very utilitarian to me, sharp corners, no real embellishments. The rails behind the young woman look like simple rod iron welded together and made for safety sake.
  • 4. The style of the dress. I’m not an expert in dresses by any means, but to me it looks like a very elegant design. in my opinion I feel like the style is too flow-y for the 60’s.

A possible Location

Any idea I put toward a location would be total speculation so I’m not even going to try on this one. The buildings look pretty new from what I can see and very utilitarian. I feel like this means they might be in a place that’s being developed quickly. No artistic view, just functionality.

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2 thoughts on “Photo 0005: Young Woman Wearing A Nice Dress”

  1. I wouldn’t totally rule it out. I’ve seen this style in the 60s for formal wear. Bridesmaid, cocktail, special occasion, prom.(I don’t see a cosage) But could be 50s or 60s. Even the shoes (ballet flats with a strap or mary jane flats) were popular in either decade.

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