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Every Business and entrepreneur deserves to be taken seriously. Many people say as the old adage goes “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But what happens when we go to an outdated webpage with clip art from the early ’90s. Nine times out of ten we never go back to that site again.


Let Burton Media Group help keep your website looking fresh and relevant. Check out our samples on the right, as well as the site you’re currently on as an example of our product.

Bare Website

  • Website with no design
  • connected to the internet
  • domain and hosting help
  • One Time Service

Basic Website

  • Basic Website Design
  • 2-3 Linked Pages
  • Basic Email Help
  • Domain And Hosting Help

Advanced Website

  • Advanced Website Design
  • 5-8 Linked Pages
  • Email Setup Help
  • Domain And Hosting Help

Web Master Services

$24.99/Per Month
  • Update To Your Webpage When You Need Them

Website Update (No Web Master)

$99.99/per Update
  • 1 Update

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