Family and their dog

Photo 0006: A Family And Their Pup

Photo 0006: A Family And Their Pup

This Photo is of a group of people and their dog.

Things we can tell from the photograph

Looking at the photo it’s hard to gather a great deal of specific information about the location or the people. But there are some general things we can tell about the photo.

  • 1. The younger woman has a small piece of luggage sitting behind her on the ground. Maybe the young woman is about to go on a trip? This might be the reason for the family photo.
  • 2. Tapered porch joist may be pure coincidence but it looks like it was inspired by someone seeing a craftsman bungalow style house. I haven’t seen a lot of that style house around Kentucky. Out of the places I’ve traveled near where the suitcase was found I can only think of one craftsman bungalow style home and it’s pretty famous due to it being unique. makes me wonder where they may have originally came from.

A possible Location

I can’t say for certain where this photo was taken but I’d be willing to bet it’s somewhere near Menifee County Kentucky due to the location of the suitcase and the hilly terrain in the back ground.

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