Child and Dog

Photo 0011: Child and Dog

Photo 0011: Child and Dog

This is a photo of a child and a dog looking like they might have been up to something.

Things we can tell from the photograph

  • 1. I’m not exactly sure if this is a photo of a little boy or a little girl. I’m kind of leaning towards little girl due to the frilly button area on the shirt.
  • 2. The child also looks like she’s been out having fun with her dog.
  • 3. They’re possibly standing Infront of one of one the houses that has shown up in some of the other photos so far.

Other things to ponder on about the photo

I wonder what her and her dog were doing before the picture was snapped? I get a distinct vibe of scout from “To Kill A Mockingbird.” I imagine the both of them running through fields, climbing apple trees, and eating apples. Or maybe they stayed out in the forest that whole summer having fun in a fort they built. Either way I bet it was a very fun summer.

I also feel like she had a very loyal dog there. look how close he’s sitting to her. Nothing can come between the two of them!

I imagine the photo may have been taken near Menifee County Kentucky, although there is no evidence of this other than that being the location of the purchase of the suitcase.

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