Little girl's school photo

Photo 0010: Little Girl’s school photo

Photo 0010: Little Girl’s school photo

I believe this photo is a photo from a little girl’s class photos

Things we can tell from the photograph

Light Reflection

Looking at this photo there’s definitely one thing we can take away immediately

  • 1. This is more than likely a school photo. I really wish this photo had a water mark or something in the corner so we could learn a bit more about the company or to actually confirm a school photo.
  • 2. its at the very least a simi-professional photo. If you look at the little girls eyes there’s two separate light sources coming from apposing angles.

Other things to ponder on about the photo

I wonder if maybe the dress isn’t homemade. people did that a lot back in those days. Whom ever made the dress did a wonderful job!

I also wish there was a back drop or something. There’s not much we can tell from the blank background.

I imagine the photo may have been taken near Menifee County Kentucky, although there is no evidence of this other than that being the location of the purchase of the suitcase.

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