Woman At The beach

Photo 0008: Lady At The Beach

Photo 0008: Lady At The Beach

This Photo is of a stylish lady standing next to the beach watching the waves roll in.

Things we can tell from the photograph

Looking at the photo we can definitely take away a few things.

  • 1. The woman is on a vacation or it’s possible that she’s lived there at some time.
  • 2. She’s carrying what I believe to be a Kodak Hawkeye (see more about the hawkeye here) The fact that she has her camera kind of leads me to think she might be on a vacation. That particular model of camera was sold though out the 50s and early 60s so that gives us a time frame for when the photo might have been taken.
  • 3. I also feel she’s pretty stylish in this moment.

A possible Location

I can’t say for certain which beach the photo was taken. there was no identifying marks on the back of the photograph. But I think we can all agree that it was probably a nice time for everyone.

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