Photo 0002: Soldier and Girl

Photo 0002: Soldier and Girl

This Photo is of a soldier and a little girl. The photo came from Menifee county Kentucky and has no identifying information on the back of the photo.

Things we can tell from the photograph

Looking at the photo I’m assuming that it was taken sometime in the 1940’s or the 1950’s. The man appears to be dressed in some military style uniform. If you look at the zoomed in parts of the photos below we can tell three more things about this man. 1. He’s married, he has a wedding ring showing on his left hand. 2. he’s got some sort of patch on his left sleave. I’m not exactly sure but it look like an 8th army patch. 3. He’s packing what I believe to be a low profile foldable camera that was popular at the time.

A possible Location

I have a strong feeling that the location may be Sky Bridge, Kentucky. It’s a part of the Red River Gorge and very near to the more popular Natural bridge state park. It’s a place that’s easily accessible even to this day. You can drive through the gorge right up to the trail head for Sky Bridge. It’s an easy ten minute walk to the location pictured. Sky Bridge is less than 25 miles of the location where I purchased the photos.

If anyone notices anything else about the photos that might be helpful feel free to leave it in the comments!

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Soldier and Girl

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