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About This Blog


About this Blog. As far back as I can remember, I’ve had an affinity for old forms of media. From the daguerreotypes of the 1850s to the mini DV tapes in the 90s, each form of media I’ve picked up has a unique story to tell.

Each time you look at an old piece of media, it’s like you took a short trip into the past. You start to ask yourself questions: What was their life like? What were they doing? Who are they? Do they have a family? How did this piece of media come to be in my possession? The questions go on and on.

How I Became Interested

When I was a child, I found a set of journals from the 1920s and 1930s. The journals chronicled the everyday life of those who wrote them. They weren’t diaries; they were journals about everyday life—simple, quick notes like “spent $1.50 on supplies today,” with a detailed list of what they bought below. Farm repairs they had made. Even some birthdays showed up. These journals were enough to get me interested in a time before I existed.

The Mission

My mission for this repository is to help bring some of the media I’ve found back to the light of day. To give the people in the photos a second family. A family who didn’t know them but still finds importance in their existence. And just maybe along the way, reunite some of the media with their actual families.

I have thousands of photos, negatives, and movies I’ve come across over the years. Some in large collections and others stand alone. Lots of those collections have vague information with them. A name here, a date there, sometimes even a location. With enough information, a story begins to unfold. Some pieces might be a lost cause for more information, but others may lead to an entire life story that can only be completed through the viewers of this blog!

Some of the media I have needs restoration. Over time, I plan to restore the pieces that I can and bring you along for that journey as well. Sometimes the piece is beyond restoration, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share what it is.

As we proceed forward on this journey of preservation, I’d like to expand, taking in other collections for prosperity. Some people have photos that they care about and have no way to preserve them. I’d like to provide that service when I can. In the future, I’d like to have an online store of prints to sell in order to fund the pursuit of found media. This could help with equipment, giving me more time to work on media, and helping with storage.

How You can Help

If this sounds like the kind of project you’re interested in, give me a follow. Help out if you can! You can help out the blog by doing something as simple as a share, a comment, a donation, or even buying a print! If you can’t afford to, just enjoy the found media!

These photos will be available for purchase for a limited time over on our Esty store! Each purchase of a print helps me bring you more vintage photos! Also feel free to make a small onetime donation or even a reoccurring donation here!

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